Research Tool Kit

Welcome to the Good from Woods research toolkit. The toolkit is designed to help you do rigorous research into whether your woodland activity has an impact on the health and wellbeing of participants. The toolkit takes you through the whole research process from planning to reporting but you can also use individual elements on their own.

Toolkit index and research process

Research motivations


  • Research motivations – questions for you and your organisation to think about before you start your research.
  • Good from Woods research case studies – read reports from previous Good from Woods research projects. These include a summary of methods used and evaluation of carrying out research.

arrowPlanning your research


arrowChoose your research methods


arrowResearch ethics & participant consent


arrowGathering research data/evidence


  • Data protection, organisation and storage – how to safely store, label and organise the data/information that you’re collecting and ensure anonymity for participants in line with data protection rules.

arrowAnalysing your data


arrowPresenting your findings


arrowSharing your findings


  • Guide to using your report/findings – how to share findings, report back to your organisation and make recommendations based on your evidence, including guidance on reflecting on the research process.



Using and contributing to the toolkit

The toolkit is free to use according to a creative commons license. Follow us on the blog as we build the toolkit and do leave comments if you have anything to add, contribute or discuss.

If you use the wellbeing indicators described in the toolkit and are happy to share your research findings, the Silvanus Trust would like to use them to build a bigger picture about woodland and wellbeing. Get in touch with Silvanus Trust researchers.

Creative Commons License
Good from Woods Research Toolkit by Silvanus Trust, Rachel Tomlinson and Nicola Ramsden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


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